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Being a full-time Mom to 3 kids and having a part-time job means life is busy. So trying to find time to workout and stay motivated can be hard. Sometimes you just have to get up at 6am before everyone in the house wake ups to fit in some exercise.

It might be an hour gym session or a 5K run. It might be a 15mins home workout or a walk in the evening just to get out of the house. For me exercise is very important not just from physical point of view but a mental one too. I know, for me, having that time to myself when I exercise is influential to my mood and my day.

I am here to share with you how I have adapted my busy life to make time for ME!


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Fighting the Flab, The End!

Fighting The Flab, Diary – week three

Fighting the Flab Diary – week two

Fighting the Flab Diary – week one

Fighting the Flab Diary

Bikini Body Ready! 


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