Starting as a Freelance Make Up Artist!

It has always been a dream of mine to be a freelance make up artist. When I finished college it wasn’t as well know as it is now, I was young and inexperienced. Now after 11 years in  beauty therapy and make ups applications, I feel now is the best time for me to pursue my dream.

What is a Freelance Make Up artist?

Well for those of you who do not know what a freelance Make Up Artist/MUA is someone who calls to your house to apply a make up look you want for different occasions. Some MUA’s are more specified in Bridal Make Ups  others are for girls night out or special occasions like your Debs or attending weddings, there are loads of reason you might have a MUA call to your house to do your make up. To be honest do we really need a reason to have our make up done?

 Why become a Freelance MUA?

This decision has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It was a decision that didn’t come lightly. I started Life’s Little Lifts over a year ago but only made it public in August, that in it’s self was a scary move. I decided to put myself into the “Blogging World“. Talk on my snapchat account, @lifeslittlelift, post daily on Instagram set up a Facebook page and tell the world this is me and putting myself out there. It has been going well and everyday I see new followers. Thanks for your support too. I found that I was a little lost on what I wanted. Friends were asking so what do you want from this?? Do you want to be famous? Asking did I want to become big like other local bloggers? Did I want free stuff?? Who doesn’t want free stuff?

The more I was posting on My Blog, Instagram or Facebook I came to the conclusion that I like posting about my fitness and Make Up. Yes I post fashion outfits but I don’t have a passion for it as I do with make up. When I found myself spending more time at make up counters than close shops I really thought about it and said to myself, just do it! So here I am going for it ! What have I got to loose? Kids are all in school I have mornings to freelance and I’ll figure out my job.

Starting Up.

After I made the definite choice to pursue freelance make up artistry I had to have a chat with the boss of my job. We sat down and I told him my ideas and hopes for what’s to come. He was so supportive, even said he would pass on any work my way too. Working in a salon we get requests for freelance make up artist for weddings. He said we will work around my hours. I was thrilled! Once I got the Ok I went in full swing.

Business cards were top priority. I used vista print and it was so easy to create my business card. I ordered 250 to start with. I told all my friends and asked for advice too. Next up was making a poster to put on my social media accounts and on notice boards near me. I used canva design to create my poster and I went to a printers to get copies of them. I didn’t want to spend too much money so making posters myself was a good way to keep down the costs. It was only €6 to print up 10 A4 size posters.

Working in a salon I can not poach clients so instead I ask them to check out my social media accounts and contact me for more info about the work I do.

Equipment and Portfolio.

As I’ve said I have been doing make up for over 11 years. I have done Brides, Bridesmaids, Wedding guests, Hen Party’s, Debs, Birthdays, Girls Night Out and so much more. The only downside is not everyone likes to get their photo taken and have it posted up. I have now started doing more make up looks on myself and posting them. I have also asked friends I can do their make up and post it. Slowly I have more and more pictures now of my work.

I use the salon make up in work but I have alot of make up myself from years of building it up. I am always adding to  my own collection but now I have several foundations that aren’t just my shade. My make up box include MAC, INGLOT, MORPHE and BENEFIT.

I recently invested in a ring light! OMG this has change my life!! If you are a make up artist and haven’t got one I strongly urge you to get one! I am probably the last person to get one if I am honest, better late than never! It makes a huge difference. I can now apply make up in the evening and have great lighting which means great work too!

I am building up my portfolio too. I am printing off pictures of my work and certain looks I have done on myself. I also bought a face chart so I could practice looks on that. It also is a great way to keep record of make ups too. For instance when doing a trail for a bride I can write down what I have used and when it comes to her big day I know exactly what I have done!


I found this area very hard to figure out as I am a newbie to the freelance world. I have done my research I found a great artical in which out lines how much a bridal make up should cost! Wedding make up is a different pricing than other make up. There is also a charge for your trial make up too.

For girls night out make up the average price is €30 and between €5 to €10 for eyelashes. Travel costs are another issue. I feel if it takes me 30 mins to get to you then its free travel after that there has to a charge. Also travel is expensive so if I were to travel Cork to Dublin about 2 to 3 hours away then it would have to be worth the pay. I am trying to stay in Cork City and suburbs but I am open to travel.

I do feel that because the free lance world had kind of blown up and everyone seems to be MUA nowadays. I feel you have to make your prices competitive and show your worth it too. As I’ve said I have been doing this for over 11 years and my experience is worth more. I feel girls are doing a course and now all of a sudden everyone is a Make Up Artist! I am not denying anyone’s talents, all I’m saying is for people who are in the industry for longer have more and more people to compete with for work which is why pricing plays a major roll.

I do feel charging €200 for a Brides Make Up is extortionate! Unless your a world renowned MUA and you are doing Kim K’s make up then charge what ever you want but for the regular joe soap, I personally think its too much. I know others wont agree.

My Work

You can see all my work on Instagram and Facebook  if you click the Freelance Make up Page here on my blog I have uploaded some of the work I have done.

It also great to say that the appointments are coming in it is all about getting yourself out there! Telling people who you are and what you can do!

I am very excited for the year ahead. It will be hard work, early mornings and lots of beautiful make ups! I can not wait.

If you would like to make an enquiry about an appointment contact me 


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