New year’s Resolutions and Setting goals for 2018!! Have you made yours?

New Year, New Resolutions.

Every year I think we all set goals for the year ahead. I feel better if I have something to work towards. I also feel if I write it down and tell someone else I think I will stick to it!

So I am sharing my goals here for 2018 because if I tell you then hopefully it will keep me on track.

I have goals for all aspects of my life. Blogging world, fitness, personal and work!

Ok here it goes, I’m a Little nervous but hey aim high, why not and always remember its progress not perfection!

Motto of 2018 is ” Progress not Perfection!” I have already starting using this as my mantra.

Blogging Goals

  • Post more blogs
  • Write more personal blogs, they may never be posted but just write it all down!
  • Take more pictures
  • Don’t be afraid if it’s not perfect
  • Work harder than ever!!
  • Sleep is over rated!!
  • Be more organised and Plan ahead!!

Fitness Goals

  • Gain more Muscle
  • Loose 7lbs and maintain it
  • Run 100k in less than 5 months
  • Run over 300k this year
  • Run twice a week
  • Do 3 race runs
  • Run in the ladies mini Marathon
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week
  • Eat healthier
  • Drink more water!!

Personal Goals

  • Read 2 books
  • Do more freelance Make up
  • Create more Make Up looks
  • Look after my skin more
  • Cook more from scratch
  • Take the kids out doors more often
  • Take more picture with my kids
  • Visit new places in Ireland
  • Do more with friends!


I am a woman who loves to plan. I do not plan out everything but I always like to have a plan in place, it can change but it works for me.

I hope you set some goals for yourself and see how many you tick off the list. I am going to print my list out and put it on my fridge. So I can look at it everyday as a reminder of the goals I have set. A visual is always a great thing because you see it and it will encourage you to try reach them.

You might be reading my list and think they are strange or don’t you just do that stuff anyway?? Well some of my goals I do anyway but it is doing it more often.

I feel we are all very good the first few month but then its a slippery slop back to the way of old habits. I read recently it takes 66 days for a something to be become natural. For example getting up at 6am to do a workout take 66 days for it to become a natural habit instead of feeling like an effort. I guess I will have to see how that works out.

Also a lot of goals are seasonal, I mean I cant expect to take the kids outside if its lashing rain so obviously there are always factors to consider but if I try, that to me is more important than not trying at all.

I will come back throughout the year and fill ye all in on how I am getting on with my goals. Remember you can follow me on instagram and facebook

I will leave you with this.

Set a goal even if its only one and when you reach that goal set another one so on and so on.

Always remember strive for “Progress not Perfection”.



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