At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

White teeth. Who doesn’t want white teeth? White teeth is something I have always wanted but from years of drinking tea, fizzy drinks and that time I used to smoke I have yellowish teeth and have tried different whitening toothpaste but never had that bright dazzling smile.
I have already written a post of the process I went through to make my molds for Smile Brilliant! linked here but just a quick recap.
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit.
Follow the Steps.
1. Read all instructions carefully.
2. Brush my teeth with water only!
3. Mix the white and blue tubs together, keeping folding them over each other within 60 seconds.
4. Place the paste into the mold and place in your month and push gently into your mouth and gums to make impressions leave for 2 to 3 mins.
5. When taking out mold DO NOT WIGGLE just pull it down.
6. Repeat same steps for the second mold. ( do the top and bottom separate it wont fit in your mouth together)
7. Leave the molds to harden and then dry them completely.
8. Pop them the pre paid envelope send off and wait for them impressions to be made sent back to you.

I was delighted when I got my mold back and ready to start! I brushed my teeth with water put the teeth whitening gel in the trays and put them on. I left them in for 45 mins. The first time I used them I put way too much gel in the trays. My mouth was filling up the salutation I kept spitting out the gel. I read the instruction again and it said each syringe should last up to 3 or 4 goes. Oops I used have the syringe for my go!! That makes perfect sense. I could only leave them in for 20 mins. I brushed my teeth and read the instructions for the desensitizing gel and did that part correctly.

It suggests to use it once a day for 6 days straight depending on your sensitivity.  I used it for the first 3 nights straight but I found my teeth were becoming a little bit sensitive even after using the desensitizing gel so then I started to use it every second or third day. So this mean to achieve the white teeth I wanted it would take over 2 weeks.

I was really good the first 10 days. I used it one time in the morning while dropping the kids to school and it was great no one noticed I had the molds in. They are really invisible.Another time I used it was I was collecting the kids from school what better way to spend my time whiten while I wait. I did find it easier to use at night while watching TV in bed, I could also leave them in for longer. The longest I did leave them in was for 75 mins I did find my teeth were very sensitive after I did that even after I use the desensitizing gel so I kept my time to 45 mins. Everyone has different sensitive levels, so if your teeth are becoming sensitive reduce the use of it. They recommend that in their information leaflet.

After the 10 days I wasn’t as good for using it maybe every 4th day its a busy time of year so I was forgetting to do it before bed and only remember in the morning. It also didn’t help I was drinking a bit of red wine some evenings. Hey its Christmas after all so its hard not to lol .

When it came to results I was pleasantly surprised because even though I wasnt great for using it regularly and drink tea coffee and wine I got results after each time I use Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. I am going to keep using my kit every second or third day to keep my teeth white, especially seeing as I am planning on drinking a lot more wine  during this festive time!!

My advice would be if you plan on using Smile Brilliant use it as regularly as you can. Follow the instruction and if you have any queries their live chat on their page is Brilliant!
Here are my before and after pictures.
Before                                                   After
I can happily say that my smile is definitely brighter, I feel my whole face lights up now because of  using Smile Brilliant.
I am going to continue using this and have a white smile for the new year.
If you would like to try out Smile Brilliant teeth whitening at home yourself , you can my entering this competition . You can also use my code lifeslittlelifts15 for 15% off your order!!





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