Teething Whitening at Home!

Having a bright smile is something I have always wanted! I have tried a few different whitening products but I find they never really work! I never seem to have that  brilliant white smile after I use them!

Smile Brilliant contacted me to try out their teeth whitening system and if I had any questions they had a live chat on the website.

So I went and had a look and had a few questions too.

Like how long does it take to whiten your teeth? Does sensitivity occur? Does it really work?

Every stain is different and that depends on how long it will take to whiten your teeth.

They have a desensitizing  gel you can use after the whitening gel to stop teeth becoming sensitive!

The before and after pictures from other users looked amazing!

My Smile Brilliant teeth whiten system arrived and I was so excited!!


First things first was to read all the information and make my teeth mold.

This was really fun to do!

First I brushed my teeth.

I mixed the white catalyst material with the Blue paste for 60 seconds just kept folding it over.

Then I put the paste into the gum shield and place it into my mouth pushing it up into my top teeth first and then I repeated the steps and did my bottom teeth. Leave it in your mouth for 2 to 3 mins I left mine in for 3 mins and then popped it back out and left to harden for 30 mins.

I washed and dried them off and put them into the pre post envelope, because I live in Ireland I have to pay for the post back to them, which  I don’t mind because all other postage is free.

I have sent them back and all I have to do now is wait and for my molds to be made and returned to me and then I can start the whiten process!

I will keep you updated on this product. I am really looking forward to a whiter brighter smile!!

Till next time, Smile Bright!




This is a sponsored post. All opinions on this product are of my own.



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