These boots were made for walking, but which one will I choose??

This weeks ‘Fashion Friday‘ is all about the thigh high boot!!

I have seen so many different over the knee boots that are all very similar but a huge difference in price. I have to try on a boot to really know if this is the boot for me! I’m like Cinderella when it comes to boots. Everyone’s legs are different and some of the over the knee boots or thigh high can either be too tight and leave a mark or too loose and it looks like your leg is lost in the boot.

Today I need your help! I have looked in store and online and I have picked 4 different shops and a few boots from each! I would love your honest opinion on each of them. If you have any of them let me know how they fit, are they comfy to walk in ect.

Now if I am going to invest in a pair of boots I am going to pick a colour that will go with everything so YES they are all back as fabulous a pair of red thigh high boots looks I would not get enough wear out of them I feel they are such a statement boot!

I have seen Pippa wearing red boots and OMG can she pull them off!! I mean she is just gorgeous anyway and if she wore a black bag with the boots it still would be amazing on her!!

I, on the other hand am not that trendy but like I said everyone has their own style. It’s what keeps us unique!

Ok so the 4 places I have looked is Primark, River Island, New Look and Pretty Little Thing. I will link every all the boots so if the wording is highlighted you can click on it and it will bring you to that boot. Maybe there’s a boot there for you, you never know!

Primark  #1 Thigh high boot €28. This boot comes in 2 colours black and burgundy.


River Island  #2 First picture: Black over-the-knee peep toe boot €107.

#3 Second picture: Black pointed toe over the knee sock boot €114. This boot comes in red, purple satin and pink satin!

New Look  #4 First picture: Black velvet over the knee heeled boot €69.99. I like the size if heel, a boot you could wear all day long! There is another boot the exact same but even a lower heel!

#5 Second picture: Black suedette platform heel over the knee boot, €69.99.

Pretty Little Thing  #6 First picture: Emmi black faux suede extreme thigh high-heeled boots, €60.75. This boot come in loads of colours stone, khaki, camel (€47.25 this colour wouldn’t be for me at all) baby blue, also discounted, burgundy.

#7 Second picture: Black faux suede thigh high peep toe heeled boots, €80. These come in nude and red too!

 PLT black B PLT Black peep


These are some of the boots I have been looking at! I feel like they are quite similar but different at the same time. Which ones would you buy? I have # numbered them so it will be easier to know which ones you are talking about.

This is a NO!!

Now I found these boots on-line and I am sorry to say but . . . . . what do people be thinking!! I mean denim boots!! It looks like you put on your skin-tight jeans and cut them at the top to make shorts but instead of wearing the jeans as shorts you decided no what about if i just wear from the knee down and turned them into boots!! What is the point?? AND then to rip the knees aswell to really give it that denim jeans look??? Who would honestly wear these?? What would even wear them with?? I mean you can’t wear them with denimshorts or skirt because it looks like you cut out middle! Really though what could you wear them with??? some fashion trends just really baffle me!! I know everyone is entitled to their own style and maybe someone else could pull this off but its a big fat NO from me!! PLT demin

That’s all from me on this weeks ‘Fashion Friday‘ something different but I am so excited to read what you think!

Follow me on snap chat @LifesLittleLift (no S) instagram and facebook let me know what you think of these denim boots?? A YES or NO??

Till next time, happy shopping.



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