Keep your skin looking alive this Winter!

In the summer time when the weather is hot……. oh wait I live in Ireland!! For those of you who don’t know our summer might only last 2 hours!! We are that little country that can have rain, thunder, blizzard and sunshine all in one day. That means our pale Irish skin doesn’t see much of the sun during the summer so we need to fake that!!

I feel in summer we can fake tan it to the limit. Meaning as dark as the fake tan will take me. But during the winter do we really want to be mahogany?? Maybe for a wedding, but everyday life???

This is why I am writing to you now. I have tried out 3 gradual tans or tinted moisturizer for an everyday glow. I know I want that healthy glow all year round not just during the summer. I am a little obsessed about having a tan! I do not use sun bed’s because well we all know why they are bad for us and if you don’t just google it !! So I love that healthy glow, the sun-kissed look all year round!

So as the nights get darker and colder my Irish pasty skin get lighter and bluer!! So to keep me looking alive and to stop everyone asking am I sick. Tinted moisturizer is the way to go for me!!

Which ones have I tried??

First up No. 7 Naturally sun-kissed, gradual body tan. I know it’s a gradual tan but it took ages for any kind of colour to come up on my skin. I mean a week and I was a darker shade of pale it wasn’t the colour I was looking for, in fact I wouldn’t even call it a tinted colour. It made me look slightly less white! It just seemed like a lot of effort for nothing!! I even used this when I had a natural color when I came back from holidays and it still didn’t come up any darker! I know there is a darker one but with fake tan I air on the side of caution! I really don’t like the mahogany look on me!!


Next up is Declèor’s Aroma Comfort, a gradual glow hydrating body milk! I use this most days on my face over my moisturizer to give me a little colour on my face so I don’t have to wear make up every day! I like it for the face because I use Declèor everyday and I know how natural these product are for my skin. It as a body gradual tan, it is like the No.7 it takes a few applications to come up if you don’t have a base colour. If you do have a little tan then it is good. It does keep your colour for longer.

It will not make you look very dark and its doesn’t go streaky like some gradual tan’s can. It has happened me in the very past that I thought I could  slap it on all over my body and it will be grand but no, then it came up and I look like my toddler painted me with a brush! This will not happen with this tan!


Saving the best for last Tropical Summer, Self-tanning milk from Cien I stumbled upon this in Lidl and thought sure its only a few euro why not try it. If I knew then what I know now I swear I would have bought every last one of them!! It goes on so effortlessly, I just slap it on after the shower. 

It comes up about 20 mins to an hour after you apply it. I have thrown this on in a hurry and it is always perfect! You wont be as dark as instant tan but it does give you a colour which suits me and the more you put on the darker you will be!

Now I love a spray tan. Full body coverage and developed in 2 hours is amazing but getting a spray tan every week, that is not fun, trying to scrub off the residue after a spary tan. So when I got asked by one of the girls in work, which spray tan I had on, I knew this gradual tan was perfect for me!

So say good-bye to the pale winter skin and hello to a natural sun-kissed skin for this winter with the Tropical Summer, Self-tanning milk from Cien unfortunately as I’ve said it is no longer in sock which is no good to you! Sorry!! 



My Recommendations

If you can find the Tropical Summer, Self-tanning milk from Cien in Lidl stock up on it otherwise I would recommend the Declèor’s Aroma Comfort, a gradual glow hydrating body milk. 

I know there are hundreds of gradual tan’s out there, these are only 3 I have tried and I can ony tell you about what I’ve use! I will countine to look for another one as good as or even better than these!

If you have any suggestion on other gradual tan’s to try please let me know!

I have tan accelerator that I will be using for my holidays in a few weeks!! So I’ll let you know how I find that!

Till next time,

Happy tanning and stay golden all year round!!





  1. I love Garnier’s and Dove’s gradual tan lotions. They have been working for me for years – both in the summer and winter!

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