Winter is comming and so are the wooly jumpers!!

Fashion Friday

This week I have been looking around and to be honest I havent seen anything that I must have. Maybe I haven’t been looking in the right shops?

Sometimes what’s “in fashion” just isn’t for me!! As I’ve said before I am not one to follow the trend just because it’s the ‘in thing’ I like what I like!!

I do love the Autumn/Winter clothes!! Wearing baggy, wooly jumpers, keeping you warm on cold days. Also hides the winter belly that is starting!!

Side note – I do find it harder to eat a balanced diet in the winter, everywhere you look chocolate is there and I do love having a cup of tea and something nice together, which I drink more of in the winter!


Ripped jeans and cardigans, the perfect combo!! I love the colours mannequins in Primark. The colours are perfect. I love mustard clothes but they don’t love me!! Any time I wear mustard I think it just washes me out!!

Do you have a colour you wish you could wear but you can’t?

I did get a really soft pair of skinny jeans in H&M they were only €12 and a funky top €4. Very happy with my purchase!


I still have all my summer clothes out, to be fair I am going away in 4 weeks, so excited, so my plan is to kind of pack my bag for holidays while putting away the rest of the summer clothes!!

Till next time,

Happy Shopping.



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